About Redeeming Grace Church
Our vision is

To celebrate and share the refuge found in Christ

Celebrate: Not only in our own lives, but when we get together to worship together, study the Bible, pray, or just to share fellowship and encourage one another, our hearts should be geared toward rejoicing and resting in Jesus.

Share: If we really have Good News that Jesus forgives sin and reconciles people to God, then the right thing to do would be to share it with others.

Refuge: By this I mean a Spiritual refuge, a shelter and stronghold for the soul in the midst of life's trials and temptations. I mean finding true and lasting hope in this world, not having just a sense of security, but genuinely possessing it.

In Christ: Jesus Christ is the only place to find such a refuge. By faith in him we receive all the Spiritual blessings he has to give. Having received such a gift, we recognize he is worthy to be celebrated and shared.