Real Theology


We meet the last Wednesday of every month at
the Panera off of Freemansburg Ave, Easton
Study Guide #1 -- INTRO
Study Guide #2 -- THE SON is GOD
Study Guide #3 -- THE SPIRIT is GOD
The Gist

The Real Theology study group will consist of Scripture-based teaching of specific, foundational Christian truths.

I emphasize that this is NOT for a special class of elite, super-Christians! This is for anyone who wants to grow stronger and deeper in the truth of God.

Truth yields worship! Truth will strengthen your faith, encourage you, better equip you to live for Christ, and help you share your faith with others.

I promise you will not regret checking out this study. You will be challenged as well as edified Spiritually.

Group Distinctives

  • Bible study arranged by topic
  • Focus on how Bible truths relate to each other
  • Deep, thorough consideration of core Christian teachings

Key Bible Verse:

Psalm 119:105, "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path."


Events Tailored for Guests

Since JESUS is the CENTER of everything, we're committed to being a church that values rich biblical teaching as well as authentic relationships.

The first emphasizes the TRUTH of JESUS to us, the second emphasizes the LOVE of JESUS in us.
  • Coffee or tea is on me for newcomers
  • I will have extra Bibles on hand 
  • You won't be put ont he spot or arm-twisted
  • Our events are meant to be encouraging; they're a blessing not a burden