Seeker Study

NEXT MEETING on July 7, 2017
Location TBD
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The Gist

New to Bible study? This is for you! New to the message of forgiveness in Jesus? This is for you! Like all our groups, the atmosphere is relaxed, encouraging, and welcoming.

I love this event in a special way because more than any other group, this is where I get the privilege of dispelling popular myths and misconceptions about Jesus and God.

By far, the #1 myth floating around out there -- one that both Christians and non-Christians alike have bought into -- is that God's love and forgiveness is based on how good I can be.

"If I can be better, God will accept me." "I've been good, God must accept me." "I've not been good, there's no way God could ever accept me." "I can never be good, God can never love me."

There are 2 attitudes reflected in such thinking: 1. Self-Righteousness. 2. Self-Despair.

Both are wrong for the same reason -- they both assume that God's love for a person is based on that person. They both have bought into the same myth. They both miss the centerpiece of Christianity... Grace.

God's love is a GRACIOUS & MERCIFUL love, not an EARNED & DESERVED LOVED.


Simple. If you come to a Seeker Study, my purpose will only be to elaborate on the gracious and merciful love of God.

I will talk about how it comes through Jesus.

I will talk about what it means for us and how it applies.

I will talk about how it turns worldly, self-centered thinking on its head.

I will talk about how it is an infinitely better way to live than according to a materialistic worldview.

The Seeker Study exists only for you to come hear about the wonders and beauties and Spiritual treasures of Jesus. Will you comes and hear the Good News?

Group Distinctives

  • For those who've not heard, believed in, or are confused about the basic message of Jesus
  • Basic, easy to understand Bible teaching.
  • Eternal truths about eternal life in every-day language for every-day people!
  • Will field specific questions and deal with specific issues that might be keeping you from faith in God


Jeremiah 29:13, "You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart."


Events Tailored for Guests

Since JESUS is the CENTER of everything, we're committed to being a church that values rich biblical teaching as well as authentic relationships.

The first emphasizes the TRUTH of JESUS to us, the second emphasizes the LOVE of JESUS in us.
  • Coffee or tea is on me for newcomers
  • I will have extra Bibles on hand 
  • You won't be put ont he spot or arm-twisted
  • Our events are meant to be encouraging; they're a blessing not a burden