REFUGE: Our Sunday Gathering
We meet every Sunday at:
10 am, 240 S. Main St, Nazareth, PA

REFUGE is where rich biblical teaching and authentic relationships intersect.

refuge -  refˌyo͞oj (n.)
the condition of safety or security,
a place of shelter or protection.

- "Preserve me, O God, for I take refuge in You." Psalms 16:1

- In the midst of life's difficulties, temptations, and the trivialities
of pop-culture, come find refuge in God.

- This is where we SEEK, SHARE, and CELEBRATE the refuge
we've been given in Jesus by God's grace.

- The setting is casual, the fellowship is encouraging, and the teaching is substantive.
The set-up is café style, the dress is informal.

For unashamedly Jesus-centered, grace-focused fellowship, check us out!

The Gist

  • The atmosphere is casual and kidsafe.
  • We have bagels, fruit, coffee, and juice.
  • Each week we have a Bible study on a select topic. Currently, we are studying what it means to be servant-hearted rather than self-centered.

What to Expect

- You can expect quality BIBLICAL TEACHING in a way that connects with your everyday life. We make every effort to handle the Bible well and never read our own ideas into the biblical text. In the process, we’ve discovered how the Bible is incredibly relevant to our lives and has the power to change us from the inside out!

- You can expect everything to be designed with NEWCOMERS IN MIND. Perhaps you’ve never attended church regularly. That’s okay! You will never be put “on the spot” to read the Bible aloud, answer Bible questions, or participate in any other way that might make you uncomfortable. We also have plenty of Bibles available for those who do not have one.

- You can expect your CHILDREN to be taken care of and have fun. During our gathering, we provide childcare in a safe and clean environment. Your kids will even be taught an age-appropriate lesson from the Bible so they can learn about Jesus too! They will fit right in.

- You can expect to BE LOVED. Since God has demonstrated unbelievable love to us through his Son Jesus, it makes us want to show love and care toward others. Therefore, we’re confident you’ll find our group to be warm and friendly even during your first visit.

Key Bible Verse:

Acts 2:42, "And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers."


Events Tailored for Guests

Since JESUS is the CENTER of everything, we're committed to being a church that values rich biblical teaching as well as authentic relationships.

The first emphasizes the TRUTH of JESUS to us, the second emphasizes the LOVE of JESUS in us.
  • Coffee or tea is on me for newcomers
  • I will have extra Bibles on hand 
  • You won't be put ont he spot or arm-twisted
  • Our events are meant to be encouraging; they're a blessing not a burden