FREE Lunch, Bible Study

For a limited time, I am offering a FREE lunch to anyone in the Nazareth, PA area who is interested in a Bible study.

  • You pick the topic or question. I've listed some possible ones beneath the contact form.
  • I'll come up with the study and discussion questions.
  • All you have to do is complete the contact form below. Be sure to include your question or topic, and I'll respond to work out the details with you.
  • My wife will be present with me for any women who want a Bible study. If you have children, we'll make sure the setting is kid-friendly and comfortable.
  • Make sure you read the rules listed below:


1. The offer only applies for residents in or near Nazareth, PA.

2. You must be truly interested in and willfully participate in whatever Bible study we decide on. I am more than willing to accept challenging questions... but you must be willing to hear and honestly deal with challenging answers! :-)  #2waystreet

3. I'll treat up to 2 people per study. If you bring 3 or more, you all will have to take care of them.

4. Choose from Chic Fil A, Arby's, or Burger King off of Rt 248.

5. Serious inquiries only! I reserve the right to deny any request if I think someone is just in it for the food and has absolutely no desire for friendly dialogue or genuine fellowship.

MESSAGE (Include question or topic you'd like to study, and why.)


1. What is the difference between Christianity and other religions?
2. Why should I believe the Bible is truly God's Word?
3. Who was Jesus and what did he do?
4. If God is good, then why is there so much suffering in the world?
5. How can we know for certain God exists?
6. How can a person believe in God in the age of science and reason?
7. Does absolute truth exist? What about morality?
8. Why is there so much division within Christianity?
9. The Basics of living for Jesus -- "Shouldn't I just try to be a good person?"
10. The Basics of the Gospel, or, "The Good News" -- The truth of God's love
11. The Basics of the Bible -- Where it came from and what it's for
12. The Basics of church -- What it's become vs. what it ought to be
13. The Basics of heaven -- What is it and who will be there?
14. The Basics of God -- Who is he and what is he like?
15. The Basics of the world -- Why are we here and what is our purpose?
16. Why did Jesus have to die on a cross?
17. Could there really only be one way to God?!