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Here is Matt Fortunato with his wife Becky, along with (right to left) Jordyn (5), Matthias (7/31/17), Gracie (11), and Bella (8). We launched this ministry in with a home Bible study in August of 2015. From the earliest stages of prayer and planning, this church plant has been a partnership with Anchored in Truth Ministries and Grace Life Church of the Shoals, AL. We are also working in partnership with Shelbyville Mills Baptist Church in TN. God has been good to grant us these Bible-focused, Gospel-centered relationships.

Matt was saved in 2002 during a sermon on the death of Jesus. He and Becky responded to a call into ministry in 2005. Matt has been preaching and teaching the Bible since 2006. He has a Bachelors in ministry, Masters of divinity, and is currently a PhD candidate in Christian theology. His heart is to help people find and thrive in healthy, biblical churches.

His hobby is playing pick-up basketball. Nowadays that is pretty much limited to the LA Fitness in Easton, PA. You are officially invited to come by for a game or shoot-around. He also loves reading, writing, and playing outside with his children.

His basic ministry goal is to help people walk in grace -- that they would not live as if God's favor needs to be (or can be!) earned or deserved. It can only be recieved through faith in Jesus Christ. For this reason, the preaching and teaching of the person and work of Jesus is the centerpiece of his ministry. He is regularly and gladly tell us, "Church is not about you." As soon as church is about "us," rather than God, it is no longer church.

Matt and Becky have purposed to establish a healthy, biblical local church in the community. Church has become a lot of things that it should not be. But there is such a thing as a true and healthy church. They DO EXIST! And are a blessing, not a curse or a burden or mechanical chore.

Questions for Matt? Want to know more about Redeeming Grace Church? Contact Matt directly at atimeiscoming@gmail.com, or call or text (856) 397-3556



Our Latest Prayer Requests:

In August of 2015 we partnered with Anchored in Truth Ministries. Who woul've thought?! A family from Nazareth, PA and a church from Muscle Shoals, AL would partner together for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the glory of God? But God brings people together for his purpose; all credit to him.
Please pray for --

  • A world missions effort in the Philippines
  • The work of V.A.S.T. in the Lehigh Valley
  • Spiritual revival in the Lehigh Valley