About Us

Baptist Affiliation

As a Baptist church in the Lehigh Valley, we affirm the Baptist Faith and Message as our doctrinal statement and affiliate with the Southern Baptist Convention.

However, it is not our denominational affiliation that is most important, but rather our relationship to the Lord. There are no denominations in the Bible, and neither will there be different denominations in heaven.

Nevertheless, it is practical and biblical for like-minded churches to partner together in order to be more effective in obeying the Great Commission. We have partnered with Anchored in Truth Ministries , a ministry of Grace Life Church of the Shoals , and with Shelbyville Mills Baptist Church . We have also partnered with the North American Missions Board. All these relationships are Gospel-partnerships.

Each believer should make a personal effort to read and understand the Bible, God intended for us to arrive at our beliefs as a community of believers, seeking consensus and helping each other recognize theological “blind spots.”

Ultimately, we believe that we can understand the Bible better and accomplish more for Jesus in the Lehigh Valley and around the world if we partner with other like-minded churches than if we were to remain unaffiliated. For these reasons, we choose to identify ourselves as a Baptist church in the Lehigh Valley



Our Latest Prayer Requests:

In August of 2015 we partnered with Anchored in Truth Ministries. Who woul've thought?! A family from Nazareth, PA and a church from Muscle Shoals, AL would partner together for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the glory of God? But God brings people together for his purpose; all credit to him.
Please pray for --

  • A world missions effort in the Philippines
  • The work of V.A.S.T. in the Lehigh Valley
  • Spiritual revival in the Lehigh Valley